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Honey Lace Wigs 

non surgical hair replacement specialist

How to Maintain Wavy Hair Weave


Wavy Lace Units

De-tangle and Braid your hair "EVERY NIGHT" - before going to bed.

Make 2 to 4 braids for body wave hair

Make 4-6 braids or more for deep wave hair

The bigger the braid the bigger the wave.

The smaller the braid the smaller the wave.

 wide tooth comb hair from ends to root

Pay attention to Hair around ears & nape of neck.

As needed use a de-tangling spray/setting lotion mixture and/or a moisturizer (just a dab, rub vigorously in the palms of your hands before applying to hair ) OR USE "

any non oily sheen spray formulated for natural hair and wigs

(DO NOT Spray directly on the lace cap base of your unit, spray on the hairs only)

Overuse of product may create a buildup on the hair, if this happens the hair needs to be cleaned then moisturized again