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Honey Lace Wigs 

non surgical hair replacement specialist

How to Maintain Yaki, Light Yaki, Natural Straight &

Silky Straight Lace Units.

Remove tangles before going to bed.

Sleep in a satin bonnet, wear silk scarf or sleep on a satin pillowcase.

Pull hair up with a scrunchie and sleep in satin cap.


After a day or two this hair can be worn in a wrap style and wrapped around the head before going to bed.

To untangle and/or style;

Brush hair using a wide tooth wig brush, vent brush, or shampoo brush.

Comb using wide tooth comb.

Gently Remove tangles from hair On a regular basis. Start from ends to base then style normally.

Units should be kept free from tangles.

Most "natural straight" hair has a SLIGHT natural wave pattern, some wave patterns are stronger than others.

Hair can be flat ironed, curled, braided, crimped and/or roller set.

Virgin hair can even be colored rinsed and dyed. But do so at your own risk. dying this hair is just like dying your own hair or any other human hair. It may become dry and brittle afterwards, and shedding may occur. I do not recommend dying or coloring mid grade non virgin hair.

Never go to bed with this hair wet.